Proposal: Browser Extension That Automatically Closes Tabs


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Like many ofthers, I spend my life in tabs. Research on font anti aliasing in Big Sur in one, a Axel Boman-set playing in the other, a paused Youtube clip with Trap Lore Ross in the third and oh yes, a Whereby video session that may or may not still be active in a forth, and lets not talk about all the spreadsheets with private renovation costs and different half logged in project CMS:s and, and, and... You know the drill. And as much as I try to invent systems for focusing — maybe a new WINDOW with only the current things I need to look at? Oh that lasted five minutes... — the problem is the constant and inevitable (?) mess of OLD tabs filled with things long forgotten that maybe might come handy one day so lets not close them.

But no! Yes DO CLOSE THEM. Automatically please, without me having to make that difficult decision.

I propose a browser extension that automatically closes tabs after one week. Maybe with an indicator that visually tells the user that this tab will close in (for example) 4 hours so you better check it out now or ¯_(ツ)_/¯ forever.