Scrolls: Nine Digital Guides to the Jewish Museum


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Every year in September and October, I teach a course with the 3rd (and final) year students at Beckmans College of Design on the quite loose topic of “the Exhibition”. The course is in collaboration with different museum every year, this year with the Jewish Museum in Stockholm. Over 6 weeks the students researched Jewish life in Sweden resulting in an individuial (digital) lecture performance, and nine digital, alternative guides to the insitution. A graphic design and exhibition design section (led by Martin Frostner) was also taught.

The exhibition was installed at the museum for the week of October, but the digital guides remain accessable for the forthcoming future. Access all the guides at www.ninescrolls.se or each individually:

Vad tror du? by Lova Nyblom
Sternverdunkelung 2.0 by Viktor Nilsson
Digital skulpturpark by Elisabet Lindén Calatayud & Astrid Askert
Den vita bussen by Filip Svensson Kwang-Ho & Isak Hultström Swahn
Let there Be Light by Ivan Gedin & Saba Mehrabanfar
Rita / Leta / Prata / Lek by Lisa Åsberg & Isabelle Sjö
Alef Bet by Erik Karlsson Malinen
Dolda berättelser by Almir Jasarevic & Sofia Hjortberg
Dos Kelbl by Rebecka Hoffmann

All photos by Lova Nyblom.

Thanks to the Jewish Museum and the guest lecturers Martin Frostner, Research & Development, John Bengtsson & Karl Andersson.